Team Registration Policy:

All teams are required to pay 50% of their team registration fee at the time of registration. The NW Futsal League requires a $100 retainer for teams that pay with cash or check. This retainer is to cover a cancellation. This retainer will be refunded in full to the team at the end of the league, or may be rolled over into the next session, unless there is a cancellation or if a team owes a reschedule fee.

Team Cancellation Policy:

A team that drops out of the league at least 10 days before the start of the League session will receive a refund for their entire team registration fee, except a $100 administration fee. Cancellation requires written notice. Any team that cancels fewer than 10 days before the start of the league will not receive a refund.

Game Reschedule Policy:

Each team is allowed one reschedule request, without a fee, provided they submit their request to reschedule during the preliminary schedule period (this is a 10 day period between when the preliminary schedule and the final league schedules are published). Any reschedule request after this period must be submitted at least 7 days before the game and will incur a fee of $40.

Reschedule requests submitted fewer than 7 days before the game will NOT be granted. These will be treated as a cancellation and will incur a fee of $100 ($75 to the opposing team, $20 to the referee and $5 to NW Futsal for administration time).

Rescheduled games are not guaranteed to be played in the original facility.



In the event of a facility closure due to natural forces(e.g. snow storm, flooding, ice, etc.) NW Futsal will provide at most 2 reschedule times. If teams are unable to agree to either reschedule time then the game will be cancelled without reimbursement.

NW Futsal reserves the right to drop a team from the league at any time without refund.